Caroline Edmunds

    Account Manager

    Having recently (and successfully) completed a Masters of Marketing & Communications, Caroline is the most recent addition to the Thinktank Social leadership team… no doubt invited by Dave because of their mutual love of body ink and not because of her innate ability to think outside the box and apply a unique level of creativity to any strategic initiative.

    It takes a special talent to make a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars look elegant in any situation, but Caroline does so with aplomb, easily accounting for at least 75% of the overall ‘cool’ factor at Thinktank Social.

    Caroline orders a soy latte on weekdays but on the weekend likes to spice things up a little with a with a rose latte… and don’t pretend like you knew what a rose latte is… we didn’t!

    She describes herself as adventurous and relatable… which we can vouch for, EXCEPT when ordering the wrong brand of soy milk… just don’t do it. It’s not worth it 😉


    She once traded a pair of All Stars for a tattoo… the tattoo being a pair of All Stars.

    Personal Hashtags

    #Wellness #TravelAndExplore #CheeseAndWine #TraditionalTattoos #VirgoLeo #Creator #Storyteller