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‘Is it Valentine’s Day?’ Said no one ever.

If you’ve just crawled out from under a rock (that’s situated 200 km’s below sea level), I have news. It’s Valentine’s Day! It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day has gone into overdrive online. While you scroll through your News Feeds containing truck loads of lovey-dovey content, you may want to ponder this interesting thought; the Facebook relationship status is becoming the digital 1 carat diamond. That’s right, ladies and gents; put away your cupcake recipes featuring a surprise ring in […]

Social Media Statistics Australia – November 2012

Summer is here and the heat is on….we are now scrambling to finish off our current projects and looking forward to the festive season we know as Christmas, a time for relaxing, holidaying but most importantly engaging with our fellow Social media users around the world.  This is a very busy time for Social Media as each platform is used for many different forms of engaging. Below is the Social Media Statistics for Australia – November 2012 courtesy of David […]

Social Media Statistics Australia – July 2012

August has hit with an icy ferocity. We’ve officially passed mid-year territory, and as such have been rewarded with another bleak and dreary month until the springtime officially sets in. So then, what is the winter-warmer of choice for us geeks over in social media land? Campbell’s soup be damned, it’s July’s Aussie social media statistics giving us that warm fuzzy feeling inside; courtesy of David Cowling from SocialMediaNews. Social Media Statistics Australia – July 2012 1. Facebook – 11,008,520 Australian […]

Social Media Statistics Australia – June 2012

Goodbye June and ‘hello’ July! Which means, we can get stuck into some juicy stats from Social Media within Australia for June. Although likes are important we all know the most crucial figure is the level of engagement and number of active users. Without them where would we be! See below for a quick rundown of the categories to showcase the stats in order of importance: Number of active Australian users going to that particular social network each month Number […]

Social Media Stats February 2012 Australia

Social media statistics within the Australian market are becoming more and more sought after. We love social media news who cover these stats monthly adding context behind them also. So here’s February’s social media statics in Australia for 2012 : 1. Facebook – 10,703,160 Australian users  –  13 million UAVs according to Google Adplanner. 2. YouTube – 11,000,000 UAVs 3. Blogspot – 3,500,000 4. LinkedIn – 2,200,000 5. Twitter – 1,800,000 6. – 1,600,000 7. Google Plus – 1,200,000 users […]