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Social Media Statistics Australia – May 2014

Well, it’s been a great run but it’s finally time to bundle up for winter.  This means more logged hours on social media (or at least we hope)! As the sun hides behind the clouds and the leaves float away, the numbers across social networks continue to grow! Taking a look at the month of May, it shows consistency from traditional social media along with the rising popularity of more innovative social media platforms. The creative juices must have been […]

Making the Most of Pinterest | Consumer Promotions & Competitions

As Pinterest usage increases in Australia, so too does interest from the small to medium business sector on it’s potential use in driving brand-awareness and emotional engagement with customers.  In this blog, we’re having a look at the current state of Pinterest in Australia and providing some advice (and encouragement!) on using this emerging social platform for easy-yet-engaging ‘PIN to WIN’ consumer promotions and competitions.   Let’s start with a quick re-cap of the social-media darling that is Pinterest. As […]

Pinterest – the popular new kid on the block

By now, most of us know of someone who is using Pinterest. Some of us even have a friend who not only uses it, but is addicted to it. I use the term addiction loosely, but it’s fair to say Pinterest is quenching the thirsts of the visually-minded, expressive social media user. Have you had a chance to use Pinterest yet? If so, are you pinning like crazy? If not, hear me out before you roll your eyes and refuse […]

Social Media Stats February 2012 Australia

Social media statistics within the Australian market are becoming more and more sought after. We love social media news who cover these stats monthly adding context behind them also. So here’s February’s social media statics in Australia for 2012 : 1. Facebook – 10,703,160 Australian users  –  13 million UAVs according to Google Adplanner. 2. YouTube – 11,000,000 UAVs 3. Blogspot – 3,500,000 4. LinkedIn – 2,200,000 5. Twitter – 1,800,000 6. – 1,600,000 7. Google Plus – 1,200,000 users […]