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Add to Cart: Part 2

Part 2: Measuring the success of your conversions ads placement. The first instalment of Add To Cart featured how to set up Facebook ads for conversions on your website. Now we look at what we can do to ensure you are getting the best return of investment (ROI) possible, and making sure your ads are constantly performing. Monitor your conversions When you go into the Facebook Ads Manager, it will bring up a whole table of stats for your ad […]

Add To Cart

Part 1: How To Set Up A Facebook Ad Campaign For Conversions With Facebook’s new Objective Based Advertising platform, you can now set specific objectives and measure the success of these outcomes a lot more effectively. A question get we get asked frequently is: “I want to advertise on Facebook to drive sales on my website”, and for people who aren’t knowledgeable in Facebook advertising (usually the multi-tasking small business owner), it can be a really overwhelming subject! Not a […]

Facebook Releases New Insights

If pages can create better content for viewers, Facebook becomes more valuable to users.

Facebook Moves to Objective-Based Advertising

Facebook Ads just got a whole lot less complicated thanks to Tuesday’s announcement that the social network is shifting to a model that it calls “objective-based ad buying and reporting”. Whereas in the past it’s been inferred that some may require a degree in computer science to decipher the Ads process and understand results, or dealt with an Agency specialist, Facebook have redefined their advertising model to be more logical and easy to follow. In doing so, Facebook have also […]

Using Insights to Create a Powerful Content Strategy

As Thinktank Social grows and expands, so too does our capability to gather valuable information to use for our clients’ accounts.

Breaking News…Facebook Allows Brand Pages To Run Promotions Off The Timeline

“We’ve removed the requirement that promotions on Facebook only be administered through apps” states Facebook in the early hours of this morning. As soon as I read this, a flurry of thoughts sprang to my mind. Gaaa…. I immediately booked a brainstorm with the whole team. We needed to be prepared…right from the start, ensuring we’d brainstormed all the possibilities enabling us to give the very best advice to our clients. We also wanted to share insights to the many […]