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A Flood Of Vital Information – Guest Post

Yesterday started business as usual. My husband went into the Brisbane CBD my daughter headed off to Pre-School and I sat down to work. The flooding had already started, and I knew it was going to be bad. But I had work to do. I chose to turn...

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Gerry and the Hatemakers

Over the past 15 years consumers have rapidly evolved in concert with the internet. The 'social web' is a very different place to shop compared to the suburban megaplex of the 20th century. We are better informed, more consumption savvy and have more purchase options and tools than ever before....

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An Airline That Uses Social Media To Create A REAL Smile!

Have you ever waited at an airport and had the boredom twinges creep in. Maybe your flight has been delayed or you're waiting for friends or family to arrive. So many emotions peak at airports and KLM have tapped into these in an outstanding way! The airline has gone about giving their...

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Sam On Kim On Nick

The St Kilda Facebook 'scandal' slides into its third day and the trad media is popping Christmas crackers at their good luck: "Just what we need to fill both ends of the paper before the fourth test in Melbourne". Kim Duthie is either a mercenary or a modern entrepreneur depending on...

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BMW Wants Their Brand On Your Eyeballs

BMW are mixing it up a little in the way they are using traditional media! Their latest cinema ad uses a very effective after image projection technique. It's catchy, clever and gets viewers involved. I like it a lot! Here's the YouTube clip..... Yes, the initial production overview may be a...

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Qantas Gets Its Twitter Wings

For a long time Qantas has had no online social media presence, yet around a week ago, Qantas launched its first official Twitter accounts. Yes that's right, two accounts @QantasMedia and @Qantas_Airways! The first account is self described as, “The official Qantas Twitter account for breaking news,” whilst the other...

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Should My Business Be In a Relationship with The Dating Apps? #thinktanksocial #socialmediaadvertising