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Optimize Your Facebook Page For 2014

With the recent facelift of the Facebook Pages for business, Facebook has implemented a few notable design changes as well as functionality. If you aren’t too Facebook savvy, it can be a little troubling knowing where to start when optimizing your Page so it looks professional, clean and pronounced. Have a...

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Social Media Statistics Australia – March 2014

The month of March showed some regular fluctuations in social media signups with the exception of the incredible jump in Facebook users. A 200,000 user increase (according to Ad tool) has left us scratching our heads as to why this phenomenal increase has occurred…however we will investigate further. Where we...

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Should My Business Be In a Relationship with The Dating Apps?

Dating brands have come a long way since the early eHarmony days and despite your relationship status, you’ve probably interacted with the interface of mobile dating apps like Tinder and Grindr when socialising with your single mates. But are mobile dating apps a credible marketing investment for your brand or a seedy...

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5 Tips for Your LinkedIn Company Page

Why is A Company Page Important on LinkedIn? A company page is a valuable marketing tool on LinkedIn as it can be used as a central hub to keep people up to date on company news, job openings, as well as your product and service offerings. Within this platform, there are...

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This Just In: Facebook Got a Facelift

Heraclitus famously stated that ‘Change is the only constant in life’ but there’s no doubt that Facebook’s constant revamps succeed at keeping everyone on their toes. Yes, Facebook is changing the look of its business pages (again). Whether you’re being sent into a frenzy or remaining fairly nonchalant, it’s useful...

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Social Gets Naughty

If photos on Instagram were actual polaroids, I’d have enough selfies in my news feed toting cleavage, legs, abs and arms to sink a small ship - People taking photos of themselves pushing the boundaries on prohibited content in order for the masses to judge, comment and like. And I...

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Should My Business Be In a Relationship with The Dating Apps? #thinktanksocial #socialmediaadvertising